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        Dual-speed Desktop Hubs


          DSH-5 / DSH-8 /  DSH-16

            Get maximum flexibility, scalability, resiliency and central traffic control from one unit. With 5, 8, 16 ports respectively,  these hubs are the perfect choice for linking Ethernet and Fast Ethernet segments on the same hub. Uplink port allows for easy expansion. With free technical support and a lifetime warranty, these hubs are an unbeatable D-Link deal.

        10/100Mbps Desktop Switches


          DSS-5+ / DSS-8+ / DSS-16+ / DSS-16 / DSS-24

            High speed switching capabilities at the lowest cost per port in the industry designed to  bring switching to the desktop.  These powerful devices are perfect for the small office and small business.  Dedicated bandwidth for each port eliminates unnecessary traffic and relieves data congestion.  Fast store and forward architecture ensures low latency and high data integrity.

        Internet Servers & Internet / Print  Server


          DP-601M / DP-602 / DP-802

            With the DP-601M and DP-602 Internet Servers and the DP-802 Internet/Print Server, all users can connect to the Internet from one dial-up number or ISDN line and one ISP account.  To double bandwidth, DP-602 provides two high-speed RS-232 COM ports to connect your workgroup to two Internet lines. The DP-802 includes a built-in print server, perfect for SOHO environments. The DP-601M has a built-in modem for easy dial-up.

            DP-100 Series / DP-300 Series
            Ideal for complex networks, the DP-100 series and DP-300 series support a wide range of printers and operating systems. Compact and cost-effective, these print servers allow for easy setup of shared printers and have a built-in SNMP MIB-II agent for careful monitoring.

        10/100MBPS Fast Ethernet Adapters

        ethernet adapter

          DFE-650TX /  DFE-660TX

            Mobile users can easily connect using the DFE-650TX or DFE-660TX portable adapters. The cards' single RJ-45 port connects to either 10Base-T Ethernet or 100Base-TX Fast Ethernet networks without any need to reconfigure.

        10/100MBPS Fast Ethernet Adapters

        ethernet adapter

          DFE-530TX /  DFE-538TX / DFE-550TX

            The DFE-530TX Fast Ethernet/Ethernet PCI adapter with 32-bit bus master burst mode is ideal for high power servers and multimedia stations. The DFE-530TX / DFE-538TX / DFE-550TX all offer Wake-on-LAN functionality.

        10/100MBPS Fast Ethernet/Modem Adapters

        ethernet/modem adapter

          DME-560T / DMF-560TX / DMF-560TXD

            It's a NIC and a Modem. The DMF-560TX and  DMF-560TXD let you seamlessly connect your laptop to both Ethernet and Fast Ethernet LANs, send and receive faxes, connect to the Internet, and  dial into a Remote Access Server via a 56K v.90 modem. The DMF-560TXD features DirectPort connection.


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